The Mindfulness Challenge

5 Days to Confidence

Everyday day 4th – 9th October 8-9 am | 5.30-6.30pm

FREE for 18-25 yrs 

25+ Minimum fee £25

Mindfulness is the art of taking ownership of your own mind. Like any skill, it requires training, but with practice you’ll soon benefit. If you’d like to reduce anxiety and stress in your life, deal more effectively with difficulties and learn to create positive, sustainable habits, Mindfulness is for you.

This October we’re offering a 5 day course to kickstart your mindfulness practice. We’ll offer online guidance twice a day for 5 days and send you text message reminders, short videos and guided meditations to keep you motivated. We’ll also send you simple yoga exercises to help you release tension and feel more embodied. We’ll teach you how to become more self-aware, giving you tools to approach difficult emotions and make better choices. You’ll also have a chance to share with others in small groups.
We’re aware of the financial difficulty and uncertainty many young people are facing, so if you’re aged between 18-25, the course is completely free. We look forward to seeing you there.


>Meditate with us at 8am every day for 5 days.

>Take on one mindfulness challenge a day.

> Take a 10 minute yoga booster break a day.

>Join our mindfulness workshop at 5.30 every day to share your learning in a group.

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