Staying Well: A Mindfulness Intensive for Positive Mental Health

Based on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme

A ‘pay what you can’ eight session course in Mindfulness 

Every Tuesday and Friday | 27 Oct - 20 Nov | 7-9 pm

Staying well in times of uncertainty is a challenge for us all. Despite our best intentions, we can fall easily into unhelpful habits or negative thinking. Clinical research has shown that Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is one of the most effective ways of sustaining positive mental health. The course draws on ideas from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you challenge negative thinking as well as encouraging you to develop an action plan for when you notice your mood deteriorating.

This Autumn, join mindfulness teachers Dayabhadra and Suvarnajyoti for a four-week intensive course based on the MBCT programme. The course will focus on developing a new approach to our difficulties and will take you through the following steps:


Awareness. We learn to become more resilient by training our attention. We do this through meditation and mindfulness, enabling us to see our unhelpful tendencies more clearly.

‘Being With’. Next, we cultivate an attitude of acceptance. We meet adversity with courage, and learn to view life's inevitable challenges as opportunities.

Choices. With a stronger foundation, we are then able to take purposeful action to maintain our well-being and respond creatively to change.

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