Afternoon Events | Join your Local Centre

The afternoons are an opportunity to gather with others from your local centre. Even if you’ve never visited in person you’ll be warmly welcomed.If you’re not local to any of the five centres, you’re very welcome to join the London Buddhist Centre‘s activity

Here’s what the different centres are offering:


In Sheffield we’ll be going deeper into the material from the evening talks and developing connections with each other. If you can attend most days you’ll be in the same group. If you’re new to Buddhism you’ll be in a group where you can ask any questions you have. 
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In Dublin, our afternoon session will consist of some more receptive meditation practice along with mantra chanting and readings from the life story of Milarepa.
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In Brixton we’ll go into more depth with the inspiring story of Milarepa with a chance to discuss in smaller groups its impact on us and relevance to our lives. 
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n Cambridge, we‘ll be doing a bit more meditation and then joining smaller groups to discuss questions that arise out of the previous evening’s talk.
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