Responding to Grief | Maitreyabandhu & Jnanavaca | Attending in person

Buddhist Stories for Difficult Times

Thursday 16th July | 7 – 8.30pm

We’re experimenting with opening the London Buddhist Centre for our Thursday evening class on Buddhist Stories for Difficult Times. We’ll be exploring three ancient Buddhist suttas on friendship, loss and non-violence. Jnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu will begin the series on 16th July, talking about the Buddha’s teaching on loss. Subhadramati and Kusalasara will continue by looking at what the Buddha said about friendship. Then Jnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu will return with an exploration of non-violence. How do these ancient Buddhist stories relate to the ‘raw truth’ of our life?

The class will also be live-streamed on YouTube for free

£7 minimum (anything over this amount will be a donation to the LBC)

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