Our Hatha yoga classes encourage flexibility, strength and awareness of physical sensations. Yoga and meditation are complementary practices – through yoga we can develop a language to speak to our bodies; with meditation we learn to attend to our bodies and to each other with awareness and kindness.

Our Yoga Classes are live on You Tube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12-1pm.

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Start exploring Yoga by joining our lunchtime class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12-1pm YouTube








Yoga & Chi-kung classes coming up soon...

Yoga for meditation: releasing tension | Anna

Monday lunch 12 – 12:45 on YouTube

Chi Kung for Meditation – The power of integrity with Jnanadaya

Tuesday lunch 12 – 12:45 on YouTube

Yoga for Meditation: Building mindfulness with Danayutta

Wednesday lunch 12 – 12:45 on YouTube

Chi Kung for Meditation – Balance for health with Jnanadaya

Thursday lunch 12 – 12:45 on YouTube

Yoga for Meditation: Letting go with Sraddhagita

Friday lunch 12 – 12:45 on YouTube

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Yoga Intensive

Energised Calm

22-26 June | Monday to Friday

7:30am-9am | 5pm-6:30am

£35 fee with suggested donation of £80

How can you commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice with like minded people to support you? By joining in our Yoga and Meditation Intensive!  


We'll start each morning with an energising and uplifting Hatha yoga practice, ending with a meditation to calm and still the mind.  In the afternoon there will be a yoga and meditation workshop where we'll explore how we can deepen and focus our minds.  Building the practice throughout the week, you'll learn how to focus and cultivate energised calm in the body and mind.  This is the ideal course if you are looking to develop or reinvigorate your yoga and meditation practice.  


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